It’s about time for Father’s Day, and if you are a procrastinator like me then you are probably scanning your brain for ideas of what to give your father or what your kids can give their father for this special day. You could go with the gift card to his favorite hardware, sporting good, or men’s clothing store OR you can look at some of these five unique ideas:


  1. DAD’s M.W.L. (Made With Love) Photo

What you do is give each one of your children a letter spelling out DAD and have them line up so you can take a picture. For those of you who may have more than three children, you can always choose instead of dad: Papa, Pops (my favorite), Pa, Da-Da, Daddy, Father, The Man, and The Big Kahuna (I may be getting a little carried away, but you get what I’m saying). For a touch of extra cuteness, you can add your dog in the photo with a sign around him/her! For those visual people out there (Me, being one of those) click the title to see a picture of the idea.

  1. Daddy Mugs

This gift idea is quick and quite easy. Give each child a coffee mug to decorate for their father! I would suggest Michaels, they have white mugs that come with markers and are only a couple bucks. You can usually get a 40% off any regular priced item coupon from here. To see your Michael’s local weekly add that contains specials and coupons click here.

  1. Cookie Tube For Dad

Now if your dad is anything like mine, cookies are one of his favorites! What’s a better idea for dad than taking an old Pringles can, decorating it, and giving dad a full can of his favorite cookies?!

  1. Sweet Tooth Letter For Dad

While we are on the sweets ideas for dad, let me mention the letter. I have come across this many times and I think it is the cutest thing. Write a letter for dad and use candy bars to help!

  1. Homemade Coupon Book

Have your kids think of ideas for little gifts (for example: a free foot rub, breakfast in bed, and a coupon for a free grass cutting) to write on a decorated piece of paper.

Want to watch a great story? Watch This Video about a marine father who fought ‘tooth and nail’ to be able to see his daughter graduate from high school! What a great father! Happy Father’s Day!